Protecting Your Assets and Growing Your Income During Your Golden Years

Mark personally meets with each and every client, taking the time to understand their situation, concerns, wishes, and challenges to be sure that the best strategies are in place.

Our services include:
Retirement Planning
529 College Plans
Estate Planning
FDIC Insured Market Linked CDs
Fixed Indexed Annuities
Hybrid Investments
IUL – Index Universal Life
Medicare Options and Plans
Registered Investment Advisors
Social Security Planning and Strategies
Term Life Insurance
Wealth and Money Management

the goldfinger advisory group process

Your golden years should be a time of relaxation and reflection.

You’ve worked hard your entire life to achieve a stress-free retirement, and as it approaches, you want to ensure that the rest of your journey will be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. We’ll work with you to create a unique and sound plan that will not only meet your financial needs but will also allow you to live the life you deserve.

Step 1: Determine your current financial situation.

We’ll review your income, savings, living expenses, debts, and assets and provide you with a snapshot of your current financial picture.

Step 2: Develop financial goals and objectives.

This step helps differentiate your true needs from your wants.

Step 3: Identify alternative courses of action.

This step is crucial in helping you make sound decisions.

Step 4: Evaluate your alternatives.

Reviewing your options allows us to consider your personal values and current economic condition.

Step 5: Create and implement a financial plan.

Once all options are evaluated, the chosen action plan is launched and put into effect.

Step 6: Monitor, review, and revise the plan.

Financial and retirement planning is a dynamic process that doesn’t end when the action plan begins. Regular reviews and assessments are required to optimize your returns.